Alberta Grains Council (AGC)

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Who we are:
We are a provincial government agency within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD), comprised of up to eight Alberta Grains Council (AGC) farmer members appointed by the Minister of ARD. A small staff supports the AGC members. This body advises and makes recommendations to the Department and the Minister of ARD on current and emerging issues and trends in the grain industry.

A prosperous and sustainable grains and oilseeds industry in Alberta.

As directed by the Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, the AGC’s mandate is to:

  • Examine all facets of the grain industry (cereals, oilseeds, pulses, and specialty crops), from producer to end user;
  • Make policy recommendations to the Minister on any matters pertaining to the grain industry;
  • Maintain liaison with other governments, groups, or boards within and outside Alberta; and
  • Carry out other such assignments related to the matters above, and as may be specified by the Minister.

To receive input, develop options and provide strategic advice to the Minister and the Department, and to impact the long-term profitability and sustainability of the grains and oilseeds industry.
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