2004 Alberta Farm Fatalities

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Total farm related fatalities: 16


61 Male Combine caught on fire, hit head while jumping out of combine
77 Male Fell from ladder

9 Female Leading a horse and dragged
48MaleFell from horse and dragged

Crushed By Equipment or Materials
51FemaleCaught in bale processing machine while feeding cattle
49MaleRoll over on ATV
55MaleCaught in bale shredder
13FemaleDriving ATV while it collided with a tractor, ran over by tractor tire
9MaleFell in grain hopper and sufficated
7FemaleRiding in tractor bucket, fell out, crushed when tractor tried to stop

Struck by Equipment
50MaleStruck in head by water pivot pipe

Tractor Rollover
83MalePinned under rolled over tractor
52 Male Rolled tractor in icy road conditions
58MaleCrushed while in tractor cab, when tractor rolled over

61 Male Drowned in dugout
8MaleDrowned in dugout
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