2003 Alberta Farm Fatalities

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Total farm related fatalities: 14

61MaleBacked up tractor too far and fell into garbage pit

Crushed By Equipment or Materials
59MalePinned under baler
73MaleWorking on tractor, front end loader came down & crushed him
61MaleHay bale fell on him
44FemalePinned by plywood 35 years earlier, paraplegic in long-term care
70MaleLoading a tractor onto a flatbed when it fell onto him
64MaleChanging oil of his truck when it slipped off the jacks & crushed him

Struck by Equipment
43MaleStruck by disc chain
67MaleTractor ran over him
50MaleFound under cultivator
22MaleHit on head by backhoe bucket

Tractor Rollover
53FemaleATV rolled when taking salt to cows
78MaleTractor rolled into lagoon

5MaleSwimming alone in dugout. Had been denied permission by parents
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