1997 Alberta Farm Fatalities

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February 25M37DrowningBale loader broke through ice
March 20M36Head InjuryTractor tipped on side hill
April 29M3Crushed HeadFell from tractor - run over
May 16F55Crush injuries to trunkStanding by a truck which was struck by a cultivator, it flipped and pinned her
May 30M28Working with beesAsthmatic attack
May 30M8Crushed HeadFront end loader fell
June 27F16Massive Crush InjuryTractor Roll over
July 3M17Head InjuryFell from back of pickup
July 28M89Cervical Spine TraumaRun over by a swather
September 11M43Head/Neck InjuryFall from 20 feet
September 11StrangulationPulled into Potato Harvester
September 19M51Crushed HeadTripped hydraulic lever
October 15M69Head InjuryKicked by horse
December 23F4Fell into dugoutDrowning
December 23F5Fell into dugoutDrowning
December 27M59Pinned by tree trunkAsphyxia
December 3M36On top of a feed truckElectrocution
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