1998 Alberta Farm Fatalities

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Total farm related fatalities: 26
January 18M50Fell from LadderHead Injury
March 15M3Got feet stuck in mudHypothermia
April 14M77Kick by a cowChest Trauma
April 16M43Tractor tipped off rampHead injury
May 14M71Trapped under machineryAbdominal injury
July 1M45Fell 8' from Conveyor BeltLanded on concrete pad
July 8M21Hit by metal bitPenetrating injury on neck
July 22M44Fell from tractor fender
in front of rear wheel
Fracture Base of Skull
July 24M35Massive TraumaWas waterproofing inside
a reservoir and it exploded
July 30M63Crush asphyxiaPinned under tractor roll over
August 3M69Crushed ChestFeeder table collapsed on him
August 11M78Carbon Monoxide PoisoningFound in cab of swather
August 20M8SuffocationFell in grain hopper
August 20M11SuffocationFell in grain hopper
August 30M63Crushed chest & neckTractor flipped on him
September 9M8Massive Head TraumaCrushed under tractor wheels
September 22F22 mo.Massive Head TraumaRun over by family van
September 26M61Blunt Chest InjuriesFall from 3-wheel vehicle
September 24M83Multiple Blunt injuriesFeel in front of truck wheel
October 28M69DrownSlipped and fell in water
October 28M3Blunt Cranial Cervical TraumaRun over by 1 ton truck
NovemberM18CrushedPinned by Tractor Bucket
December 21M44Multiple injuriesPinned between tractor and farm implement
December 9F43Head InjuryHit by wrench
DecemberMDrownSuffocation in Manure Pit
DecemberRoll Over

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