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General farm safety | Farm safety for children | Safety management | Farm yard safety | Pesticides and harmful gases | Farm injury statistics | Risk Management

General Farm Safety

Government sites Farm Safety for Children

Fact sheets and websites on child farm safety Age appropriate tasks Interactive websites
  • Farm Safety 4-Just Kids
    The Farm Safety 4 Just Kids website includes chapters, program services, a catalog, sponsors, fun 4 kids, memberships, links, information on how you can donate to the program, planned giving, online press room, and a calendar of events.
Safety Management

Promoting farm safety
  • Farm Safety Day Camps
    Provides information on farm safety day camps and answers questions such as why farm kids are at risk. Can all farm jobs be made kid-safe? How do safety day camps work? And how do I plan a safety day camp?
Personal health issues
  • Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan
    403-208-5402 Office 403-208-6170 fax 403-813-4153 cell
    220 Edgebrook Court NW, Calgary, Alberta Canada T3A 5A3
  • Chemical Protective Equipment Among Farmers
    This research includes statistics on the utilization of chemical protective equipment among farmers as well as emphasizing its importance.
  • Sun and Heat Exposure
    Over exposure of heat and UV light can cause severe health problems. This website provides helpful hints that will keep you safe from the harmful effects of the sun.
Farm equipment safety
  • Rollover-Protective-Structure--ROPS
    How to avoid tractor rollovers as well as what you should know about rollover-protective-structures and why they are important.
  • Interactive Farm Safety Website
    Includes hand signals for communicating with the operator as well as how to keep safe while working with tractors.
  • Harvest Equipment
    This site includes suggestions on preventing injuries while operating harvesting equipment through effective safety management.
General machinery safety
  • Preventing Injuries and Deaths From Skid Steer Loaders
    Outlines safe operating procedures, which should be implemented when working with steer loaders.
  • PTO Safety
    Power Take Off’s are potential safety hazards if not used correctly. This website gives a few helpful hints on how to keep you and your loved ones safe when operating a PTO.
Small equipment/hand tools
  • Hand Tools
    Hand tools can be dangerous if used improperly. This website includes basic information on how to prevent injury while using hand tools.
  • Mowing Safety
    This website provides a useful safety guide that explains how to minimize risk while operating a lawn mower.
ATV safety
  • ATV Safety
    Includes ATV inspection questions that should be answered prior to turning on the engine, as well as what safety precautions should be taken to minimize injuries while driving an ATV.
Farm shop safety
  • Farm Shop Safety
    How to make your farm shop a part of a farm safety solution, not a problem.
Farm Yard Safety
    Falls within the farm yard
    • Falls from Machinery
      Outlines the severity of the topic as well as suggests basic practices that should be adopted in order to prevent falls from machinery.
    • Falls on the Farmstead
      Provides information on how to avoid injuries due to falls.
    Grain bins
    • Grain Bins
      Provides information on how to keep the areas in and around the grain bins safe from injuries.
    • Safe Grain and Silage Handling
      An online safe grain and silage-handling booklet covering such areas as harvesting, transportation, storage, conveying, and processing.
    Electrical Livestock safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is considered the last line of defense in any safety system. For farm work, PPE is instrumental in protecting workers from injuries while doing specific tasks. Below are some links to help farmers develop a PPE program and determine which PPE to use. Pesticides and Harmful Gases
      Harmful gases
      • Manure-Storage-Entering-Procedures
        This site tells you how to take proper safety precautions when entering manure storage and how important this can be.
      • Silo Gas
        This site describes how silo gas is formed, it’s dangers, and how to prevent injuries and death.
      • Reducing the Fatality Risks of Livestock Manure Storage
        Outlines research on formation of manure gases and control and management methods to decrease the deaths caused by toxic manure gases.
      • Manure Gas
        Outlines the harmful gases emitted from manures as well as suggest a few precautionary techniques in which will minimize injury from toxic manure gases.
      • Pesticide Safety
        How toxic the pesticide is, does not directly relate to the danger implicated while treating with pesticides. This site informs you of the less commonly known dangers.
      • Chemicals
        This fact sheet provides helpful hints on how to reduce potential exposure to harmful chemicals.
      • Anhydrous Ammonia
        This site outlines the risks involved in using anhydrous ammonia as well as what precautions should be taken in order to minimize such risks.
      Farm Injury Statistics

      Canadian statistics Risk Management

      General information, developing safety policies & responsibility Hazard assessments & controls (checklists) Inspections (safety audits) Incident investigation including near miss Emergency response
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