Types of Road Incidents Resulting in Injury and Death

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The following describes some of the more common incidents involving farm equipment.

Single-Vehicle Incident

A single-vehicle incident usually involves a farm tractor or a tractor towing some form of equipment. The operator loses control of the vehicle and leaves the road, often resulting in a rollover in the ditch or hitting a stationary object such as a tree. Most commonly, one wheel catches on the loose gravel and the driver loses control. In other situations, loads too heavy to tow cause loss of control when the operator is negotiating steep hills or going around sharp curves.

The driver could lose control if a wheel catches some loose gravel or comes too close to a soft shoulder.

Multiple-Vehicle Incident

A multiple-vehicle incident usually involves a collision with another vehicle when the operator makes a left turn into a farm lane or field. Motorists often pull out to pass equipment as it slows down for the turn but fail to see the left signal due to a lack of signal or a dust covered signal light. Once the equipment enters the opposite lane, a collision occurs.

Rear-End and Other Collisions

A rear-end collision occurs when poor visibility and speed are factors. Collisions also occur when one or more vehicles try to pass some equipment that is extremely wide or long. Misjudgement can result in the motorist hitting the equipment or oncoming traffic.

If you are driving at dusk, you may be less visible to passing motorists.

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