Make It Safe, Make It Visible

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Safe Transport of Farm Equipment in Alberta

This is a manual for farm owners and workers transporting agricultural equipment on public roads. In addition to driving tips, advice on increased visibility and common dangerous situations, the manual outlines requirements specified in the Traffic Safety Act.

Use this publication to help you:
  • identify farm equipment hazards on public roads
  • prevent these hazards by making farm equipment safe and visible
  • understand and apply the regulations on highway transport of farm equipment as set out under the Traffic Safety Act

Make It Safe, Make It Visible - Safe Transport of Farm Equipment in Alberta is a joint project between Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (Farm Safety Program), Alberta Transportation (Vehicle Safety Section) and Canada West Equipment Dealers Association.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) expresses gratitude to the Farm Safety Association Inc of Ontario for granting permission to use material from The Safe Movement of Agricultural Equipment on the Roadway.

To get a hard copy of Make It Safe, Make It Visible, you can order a manual from AF You can also download a PDF version (top right corner of this page) or you can view the contents by clicking on the links below.

Make It Safe, Make It Visible is available from:
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry,
Publications Office
7000 - 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6
Toll free order line: 1-800-292-5697


Section 1 - Safe Transport of Farm Equipment on Public Roads
Section 2 - The Traffic Safety Act
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This information published to the web on March 25, 2009.
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