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Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Background: Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW) is an annual event presented by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), along with other farm safety advocate organizations across Canada including Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF).

Theme: While most producers, their families, agricultural workers, and communities would likely agree that farm safety is important, it’s not always easy to talk about it. Yet communication is a key factor in promoting safety in the farm workplace and on the family farm. So this year, CASA, CFA, along with our 2014 partners AF and Ag for Life, are encouraging farmers and rural communities to talk about farm safety. Most farm injuries are predictable and preventable. So it’s easier to talk about safety and help prevent an injury from occurring than deal with the impact of a farm injury once it has happened. Whether a parent and child, an operator and a farm employee, or a neighbour and another neighbour, start a conversation and Let’s Talk About It!

AF Activities: AF is helping to promote Canadian Agricultural Safety Week and bring awareness to the issue of farm safety with the following activities:

Media Campaign: A special edition of Agri-News will feature farm safety week information. Farm safety staff will be available to answer media inquiries about best practices in farm safety.

FarmSafe Alberta
  • AF's Farm Safety team worked with CASA to create the FarmSafe Alberta.
  • This is a practical tool to help farmers develop a complete health and safety management system on their operation.
  • A health and safety management system is an important part of good business risk management. Having a plan in place will provide human, financial and legal benefits to a farm operation.
  • The plan is currently in the final stages of development and will be available to farmers in late 2014/early 2015.
I Have a Role Campaign
  • I Have a Role is geared to increase awareness of the many different responsibilities that Albertans play in farm safety. It places an emphasis on responsibilities in agricultural safety, whether it's the role of a parent, farm owner, worker, equipment dealer or member of a community group. A twibbon is the symbol for each individual's unique role in promoting farm safety. This year the focus is on communicating effectively to ensure the safety of farm owners, workers and family members.
Safety Up!
  • A program to increase farm safety awareness and education in young adult farmers. This includes a series of fact sheets, along with promotional items and training seminars which are being developed to increase educational opportunities and farm safety awareness in rural Alberta.
Farm Safety Kids Club: Farm Safety Program for Youth under 15
  • A series of displays, activities and learning tools are available to educate youth at a critical stage in life on how to value safety on the farm. Check out our learning resources currently available.
Safety Information on the Web Contact information:
To get more information on any of the above activities please contact any of the following:

Raelyn Peterson
Farm Safety Coordinator
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Grande Prairie

Kenda Lubeck
Farm Safety Coordinator
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Grande Prairie

Nicole Hornett
Farm Safety Coordinator
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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