Agriculture and Water Quality: Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Resources

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 Beneficial management practices (BMPs) are cost-effective, practical methods that minimize environmental impacts. All industries use BMPs at some level to help protect our natural resources. In the agricultural sector, solutions to managing impacts on water resources are unique to each situation - what may work for one operation may not always work for another. This factsheet lists some of the many information sources available to agricultural producers for developing individual management plans to protect water quality.

Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Demonstration Sites

Demonstration sites provide the opportunity to see BMPs in use. On-site managers are experts and readily answer questions. They may also help with developing custom management plans. For the nearest demonstration site in your area, contact your local Agricultural Fieldman.

General Information on Water Quality

Cropping, Livestock and Water Quality: Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs)

Some Information for Livestock Operations

Some Information for Cropping Operations Some Information on Protecting Groundwater Relevant Guidelines, Regulations and Acts People to talk to
For toll-free calls to any Alberta Government office, use the rite number: 310-0000.
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