Heating Oil and Propane Rebate Act and Regulation

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 The Heating Oil and Propane Rebate Act replaces the Natural Gas Rebates Act. The legislation authorises the Minister to provide a rebate of the price of oil or propane that is purchased for residential, industrial, or commercial heating purposes on a calendar year basis. Rebates are not automatic; applications must be submitted to and approved by the Minister. The amount of rebate may be reduced by the amount of benefit received under the Fuel Tax Act.
Heating oil and propane rebates may be subject to terms and conditions. For example, unless there are special circumstances warranting Ministerial override, there is a general prohibition upon using rebated heating oil and propane in a franchise area that has been approved under the Gas Distribution Act.


Regulation Orders in Council For more information about this Act, contact Maureen Magee.
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This information published to the web on November 4, 2004.
Last Reviewed/Revised on May 13, 2014.