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Things to Do / Things to Think About This Month - February 2018

  Hort Snacks - February 2018
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This Week
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  • Plan to attend winter workshops / courses. At the same time, think about visiting another operation this summer [or attending some field day(s) or workshop(s)]
  • Register for Alberta Farm Fresh School (agenda attached) – connect with fellow producers, get answers and ideas and share your own thoughts with others
  • Plan field layout of fields to be planted
  • Check / Clean / Maintain Equipment
    • irrigation connections, nozzles, filters, pump injectors
    • sprayer nozzles, pumps, filters, lines, etc.
    • planters, seeders, etc.
    • harvesters and tractors
  • Check / Update signage
  • Finalise plans and dates for advertising during season
  • Plan for planting equipment and labour
  • Prune Saskatoon berries (as able)
  • Prune or mow primocane raspberry plants to the ground (as soon as can get to)
  • Continue to monitor strawberry plant winter survival. Order extra if necessary.
  • Ensure memberships in organizations are up to date (inclusion in websites, guides, etc.)
  • Review production record notebook
    • Fertilizer response?
    • Pesticide response/efficacy?
    • Application dates
    • Pesticide applicator license update?
  • Roundtable discussion with everyone involved in your operation
    • Review errors – irrigation, fertilizer, pest management, staffing
    • Collect ideas for improvement, whether it is diversification, streamlined processes, new and interesting ways to reach customers, whatever. Pick a couple to try out and put whoever contributed the idea in charge of it.
  • Inventory
    • Pesticide / fertilizer storage – What do you have? Has anything expired? Does everything have the proper labels? Is everything stored correctly?
    • Containers – picking boxes, containers, pails, bags, etc.
  • Complete order of fertilizer, pesticides, picking/packing containers, etc.
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This information published to the web on January 29, 2018.