Hort Snacks - August 2017

  Hort Snacks - August 2017
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 The heat and busy-ness of summer is fully upon us, and with that brings another edition of Hort Snacks. This edition is number 104 in the entire series, which is hard to imagine.

Inside you will find a number of pertinent articles relating to severe weather and how to deal with the impacts of the various types. It is unpleasant to consider but these days, it is relevant to recognize and understand how plants/crops respond to damage and what might be done to reduce the impact. There are also other articles that you might find useful in the constant battle to recognize pests, both for yourself and for clients and those around you. Over the past year, to supplement the Disease and Insect of the Month articles, we’ve put together some short informational videos on several pests, under the playlist Horticulture Tips, on the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry YouTube channel. Hopefully there will be new ones every month or three.

With the busy season, it is tough to find time to find and visit other farms, but do so, if you get a chance. And, if you get a moment, send a quick note about the progress and quality of harvest of the various crops you grow. We’re always interested in hearing from you, whether it be the day to day stuff you are doing or suggestions for articles for the newsletter or extension programming. Regardless, have a great summer.

Rob Spencer / Dustin Morton, Commercial Horticulture Specialists
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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This information published to the web on July 28, 2017.