Hort Snacks - July 2017

  Hort Snacks - July 2017
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 Welcome to another edition of Hort Snacks. Summer appears to be upon us. The longest day of the year has come and gone and now we head into the long busy days of the growing and harvest seasons.

With the fun and excitement that any growing season brings, this edition has a few articles that might be of use to you as you navigate the turbulent weather of growing and the challenging landscape of dealing with customers. You’ll find a number of events planned for the coming months, which might provide a great educational break for you, with big benefits. You’ll also find a few articles from the past and present, which provide some interesting thoughts on dealing with difficult customers and keeping an eye on the sky for the clues that signal changes in the weather. There are also some charts that outline when fruit and vegetable pests tend to occur in Alberta.

Regardless of what you are growing, there is always something going on and something to be learned from your own experiences and from things going on around you. Be sure to take a moment once in a while to reflect on what you know (and what you can learn from what is happening). And stay in touch. We’re happy to help and love to hear from you. We might even be out to visit at some point. Happy growing!

Rob Spencer/ Dustin Morton, Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on June 29, 2017.