Hort Snacks - March 2017

  Hort Snacks - March 2017
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 February always seems to pass very, very quickly every year. Maybe it is because of the busy-ness, or maybe those 2-3 days really make a big difference, but either way, you blink and there is March. And so it is that another new edition of Hort Snacks is ready for you.

Late winter is a time for thinking and preparing, what with the tendency to stay inside a bit more. In this edition, you’ll find a number of things for you to think about, whether it be training/networking events for you to participate in, or some technology to check out. I hope that you’ll take advantage of it and prepare yourself for the spring rush that is not too far away.

Along the same train of thought, winter is a good time for strategizing (which is essentially deep thinking and planning). As you consider your respective industries to which you belong, consider the things that are blocking or slowing the growth of that industry (both yourself and the entire industry), as well as the opportunities for growth of the industry. Ask yourself, “What could be done to grow the industry?” and then feel free to share that with us, at your leisure. It is something that we are interested in and will be asking in the coming months.

Over the coming weeks, you can expect to receive special invitations to participate in the annual direct market fruit and vegetable price survey. If it is something that you can assist with, please do so, as the deeper the data set, the stronger the value to you and to your industry.

Rob Spencer/Dustin Morton, Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on February 27, 2017.