Hort Snacks - January 2017

  Hort Snacks - January 2017
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 Happy New Year! Welcome to the first edition of Hort Snacks newsletter for 2017, the 9th year of the newsletter.

With the start of the new year, there always seems to be an underlying sense of permission to try new things or embark on new pathways. It’s a neat opportunity that we can all benefit from. In that spirit, this is something that is going to happen for this newsletter in the near future, if only in electronic delivery method. Content and look of the newsletter will remain virtually unchanged.

In this edition, you’ll find it bursting at the seams with announcements for upcoming extension courses and events. The choices are varied, both in terms of geographic location (whether in Alberta, or across North America) and in terms of topics. In many cases, you don’t even have to leave your home; you can just log on to the computer and attend a webinar. Hopefully you’ll find one or two to suit your needs.

Otherwise, there are a few other articles and tidbits that might be of interest or use to you, whether it be information on diseases or insects or other topics. Regardless, have a great month and stay warm.

Rob Spencer / Dustin Morton, Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on January 3, 2017.