Hort Snacks - December 2016

  Hort Snacks - December 2016
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 Welcome to another edition of Hort Snacks e-newsletter, the last of the 8th season. Winter appears to have arrived for good in most areas, although the weather has been surprisingly mild so far (knock on wood).

November and December are busy months, whether in terms of travel for conferences, workshops or other events or in preparation for holidays or the busy time of the first few months of the New Year. There is planning, organizing and a general rush to get this or that done. With the proximity to the growing season, it is a great time for reflection on the past season. With our tendency to organize and plan in these months, it is also a great time to take that enhanced focus and channel it towards next season adjustments and tweaking.

In this edition, you’ll find it full of posters for coming events that you might find useful. Take the time to find a course or two that will give you a nugget or kernel of knowledge that will give you that edge in the coming year. Among the other miscellaneous articles and factoids in this edition, hopefully you’ll find something that triggers creativity or gives you the spark of an idea.

As we approach a universal holiday season, we wish each of you and your families all the best for the New Year and the every success in the future.

Rob Spencer/Dustin Morton - Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on November 30, 2016.