Alberta Ag-Info Centre Celebrates 15 Years

  From the December 11, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 In 2001, the “Cereal and Oilseed Helpline” project helped create a new approach to delivering information and expertise to Alberta producers. Now in its 15th year, the Ag-Info Centre continues to be the first point of contact for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and has a unique focus on interactive, two-way communication.

The Centre is the primary link connecting Alberta’s agriculture industry to government resources, leading-edge unbiased information, technical knowledge and industry networks. “The Ag- Info Centre also has a strong extension and education role, both as a leader and supporting player,” says Ag-Info Centre Director, Carmen Andrew.

“Our resource agents are the first point of contact, and the backbone of the Centre’s operations,” says Andrew. On average, the four resource agents handle over 30,000 calls per year on topics ranging from premises identification, Farmer’s Advocate programs, Growing Forward programs and referrals to other specialists. “They also have a strong supporting role, leading the charge on things like online and traditional registration desk services, website maintenance and support of directories, Agdex documents and frequently asked questions,” says Andrew.

Specialists deliver leading-edge technical information and management decision-making tools in beef, forage, crop and horticulture production and business management. Specialists respond to over 4,500 inquiries every year. “The eight specialists are also involved in regular and special projects including Agronomy Update, media interviews, presentations for producers and industry organizations, acting as key contacts for Agricultural Service Boards, collaborating on projects with regional/provincial scope, writing and updating factsheets and conducting webinars,” says Andrew.

The ag education consultant is also part of the Ag-Info Centre family. This key position works with education groups to provide the ABC’s of agriculture (accurate, balanced, current and science based), focused at a junior and senior high level on topics such as careers and public trust and “hot button” issues in agriculture. “The ag education consultant is an important agriculture voice in the school curriculum development process,” says Andrew.

For more information about the Ag-Info Centre, please contact us at 310-FARM or at

Ag-Info Centre
310-FARM (3276)

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