Wanted: Frost-Damaged Faba Beans

  From the November 6, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) is looking for frost-damaged faba beans for a research project on feeding chickens. “We’re interested in feeding frost-damaged faba beans to chickens for a digestibility study, so we are looking for producers who have some frost-damaged faba beans available,” says Miranda Smit, research assistant, AF. “We’re also going to look at dehulling as an option to get rid of the frost-damaged part.”

The two varieties of most interest are Snowbird and Snowdrop, because they are the main ones used for animal feed; but Smit says they will take any varieties. “We only need about 50 to 75 kilos, so if any producers have some frost-damaged faba beans, it would be great if those producers would get in touch with us. And the sooner the better because we currently have some chickens on trial and we would like to continue with that.”

Miranda Smit

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This information published to the web on October 18, 2017.