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Importing Agriculture and Food Products

Baked Goods | Grains & Pulses | Honey | Prepared Foods | Confectionery | Animal Feed

Baked Goods

Frozen Desserts

WOW! Factor Desserts produces gourmet frozen pre-sliced cheesecakes, cakes, tortes,pies, individual serving desserts, sheet cakes and banquet cakes for the foodservice industry. Our desserts are all made from premium ingredients to the highest quality standards in the industry and most are trans fat free. Gourmet frozen desserts, including pre-sliced cheesecakes, cakes, tortes, pies, individual serving desserts, sheet cakes and banquet cakes for the food service industry. | 4:03
Grains and Pulses
Grains and Pulses

W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions is an Alberta-based company that exports cereals, pulses and oilseed types and varieties. | 2:55
Honey and Honey-based Products

Flavoured honey, glazes and vinaigrettes

Beary Berry Honey produces over twenty blends of flavoured honey, seven distinct honey glazes and six vinaigrettes. | 4:59
Pure Raw Canadian Honey

Nixon Honey produces all natural, great tasting honey made from the best of what nature provides. Nixon exports premium honey in 55 gallon drums. | 2:27
Prepared Foods and Ready Meals

Indian appetizers and entrees

Aliya’s Foods Limited, home of the Chef Bombay brand, has been bringing gourmet Indian appetizers and entrees to tables across North America since 1999. By using only the freshest and finest ingredients, Aliya’s Foods has become Canada’s leader in ready to eat Indian cuisine. | 4:03


Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd. is an Alberta, Canada based food processing company that provides Canadian and American families with high-quality, value priced perogies under the CHEEMO brand. | 3:39
Confectionery chocolates

Cococo Chocolatiers owns and stewards the brand Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut® — one that is available exclusively through a network of retail stores across Canada and the United States. From their chocolate factory in Alberta, Canada, they also put their unique culinary expertise to work developing and manufacturing select wholesale, private label, and house brands. | 4:00

Animal Feed
Horse Hay: Transfeeder

Transfeeder manufacturers high-end feed products for the equine industry. They can produce feeds that meet even the toughest plant quarantine rules. | 4:00


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