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Who will buy my wheat and barley?
  • Starting on August 1, 2012, you will be able to market your wheat and barley to any potential buyer, including the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). Buyers of your product may include traditional grain companies, food processors, maltsters or any other entity that you can agree with on a commercial basis.
How do I market my wheat and barley?
  • Prior to August 1, 2012, selling your wheat and barley is the same as has been done in the past. Wheat and malt barley are marketed through the CWB, and feed wheat and feed barley can be sold domestically to any user or to the CWB.
  • Starting on August 1, 2012, you may market any type of your wheat and barley to any potential buyer. If you are selling to entities other than the CWB, it is likely you will have to enter into contracts that determine prices, quality specifications and delivery periods. If your grain does not meet the quality specifications in your contract, you will likely be subject to discounts or premiums. You will need to have a very good understanding of the quality of grain that you are offering for sale.
Who will take delivery of my wheat and barley?
  • If you currently market your grain through the elevator system, this will continue to be an option after August 1, 2012. At that point in time, you may be selling directly to the grain company as opposed to the CWB. In addition, the CWB has publicly stated that they will be seeking handling arrangements with grain companies in western Canada. If they are successful, you will be able to sell your grain to the CWB and deliver to a grain company with a handling arrangement with the CWB.
  • • In addition to the elevator system, starting on August 1, 2012, you will be able to sell any type of wheat and barley to food processors, maltsters, feedlots, feed mills or any other entity that you can come to an agreement with on a commercial basis.
How much time will I have to spend marketing my wheat and barley?
  • As an independent business owner, you can spend as much or as little time as you like marketing your products.
  • If you are comfortable marketing your grain and have previous experience selling your canola, pulse crops and feed grains, the changes to the CWB may not be very pronounced on your operation. Wheat and barley will be another crop that you market according to your cash flow needs, delivery requirements and interpretation of market direction.
  • Farmers may choose to continue marketing grain through the CWB provided the CWB is successful in signing handling agreements with grain companies near your farm.
  • If marketing grain is unfamiliar to you, you may choose to develop your marketing skills by taking training or courses. Alternatively, you may choose to hire the services of a professional market adviser to assist you in your marketing decisions.
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