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Can I still get cash advances for wheat and barley?
  • Yes, you can still receive cash advances for the 2012-13 crop year. This program will be administered by the Canadian Canola Growers Association. For more information see online.
How do I manage cash flow outside the pool?
  • Within the pooling system, a farmer received a guaranteed initial payment at delivery of the grain. Throughout the crop year, the farmer may also have received an adjustment payment and/or a final payment at the end of the crop year, depending on market conditions.
  • When marketing grain in the open market, a farmer will be paid in full at delivery. There will be no future payments and a farm manager needs to be aware of this when planning cash inflows and outflows for the year.
  • Other companies may also offer pooling options in the future. Farmers will need to be aware of the terms and conditions of these new products if they choose to use them.
Will there be more or less types of wheat and barley grown in the future?
  • There is lots of speculation about how, and if, markets will change in the future. The global market is changing, with population and income growth increasing demand, and supply increasing from emerging exporters, particularly from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • The open market may be more responsive to quality and protein spreads and farmers may adapt their production practices to these price signals. Some farmers may focus on quality and some may focus on increased quantity.
  • In an open market, there may be more occasions for entrepreneurs to secure niche varieties directly from farmers to address a particular market opportunity.
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