Changes to the Wheat and Barley Marketing System Jan./Feb. 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions

In January and February of 2012, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development staff held a series of information sessions on changes to the Canadian grain industry as a result of the passing of Bill C-18, the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, on December 15, 2011. At these sessions, grain farmers had questions regarding the forthcoming changes and how they would affect the industry and their farm businesses.

These questions have been grouped into 10 themes.
  • General
  • Grain Grading and Quality
  • Canadian Grain Commission
  • Marketing my Grain – General
  • Marketing my Grain – Contracting
  • Marketing my Grain – Futures Markets
  • Grain Handling and Transportation
  • Canadian Wheat Board
  • Research and Development
  • Managing My Farm
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