Grain Delivery and Grading

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Canadian Grain Commission
  • The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is the agency that certifies the quality, weight and safety of Canadian grain.
  • Allocates producer cars.
  • By requiring that anyone that deals in grain grown in western Canadian be licensed, the CGC provides financial protection to farmers by requiring these operations to post security for grain purchases.
  • In the event of a disagreement between buyer and seller, CGC will issue official grades.
  • Based on Western Standards Committee recommendations, CGC sets standards and specifications for grades of grain.
  • The Commission prepares statistical information on grain stocks and handlings, elevator tariffs, and liabilities to producers.
  • The Canada Grain Act is in the process of being reviewed and somewhat different roles and mandates for the agency may emerge from that review. Greater emphasis on fee-for-service activities has been discussed.
  • No significant changes are anticipated for the agency as a result of the move to marketing choice for farmers.
Grain Delivery

Grain companies and the Canadian Wheat Board are here to buy grain and will make purchases from farmers based on market opportunities. Delivery opportunities are not expected to change. The CGC remains in place with its protection for farmers and related regulatory powers.
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