Drought and Excess Moisture Response Actions

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The Agriculture Drought and Excess Moisture Risk Management Plan provides strategies that can be used to take appropriate action during and immediately following a drought to reduce drought impacts on agricultural operations.
The Response Toolbox provides possible actions to respond to drought and excess moisture conditions and can help identify meet local needs; from mitigation during the early stages of soil moisture stress to financial stabilization during and following more severe moisture conditions. The Drought and Excess Moisture Advisory Group ( DEMAG) works with representatives from adversely-affected municipalities to identify support options for recommendation to Ministers.

Goal: Producers are aware of government response.
The DEMAG member agencies provide information on existing programs and government policy to affected producers.DEMAG
Changes to water distribution or allocation in response to water shortage will be communicated by the agency responsible for that water supply.Municipalities
Irrigation Districts
Goal: Provide information on business risk management programs.
Federal and provincial business risk management programs are available through AFSC; including Insurance and AgriStability, and are managed to respond to exceptional conditions in a timely manner.AFSC
Goal: Provide timely, relevant information to affected farmers/producers.
Sources of information are developed and provided, such as: AF
Goal: Provide access to information on available feed supplies.
Livestock owners may access the Hay, Straw and Pasture Listings (including standing annual crops) for available feed.AF
Goal: Deliver the AF Water Pumping Program.
AF Water Pumping Program is available to producers for replenishing dugout levels and may be used during periods of excess moisture in agricultural areas.AF
Goal: Deliver the AEP Pumping Program.
Emergency water pumping equipment is available as part of the provincial flood response. Information available through Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) Assistance and Recovery Support.AEP
Goal: Recommend tax deferral from sale of breeding stock.
AF and AAFC monitor hay and pasture yields, and soil moisture and precipitation in drought-affected areas or areas of excess moisture and, if required, Alberta (AF and AFSC) will recommend areas to be included in tax deferral designated areas to AAFC.AF
Goal: Implement a drought or excess moisture recovery loan program.
During Extreme Conditions, the DEMAG works with municipal representatives to determine if a government loan program should be recommended for the affected area. This program would loan money to eligible farmers at a reduced interest rate to help them recover after a drought or excess moisture event and has been administered by AFSC Lending.DEMAG
Goal: Implement other programs as appropriate.
The DEMAG will consider a variety of response options and recommend possible responses to the appropriate Ministers.

Options that have been considered in the past include:
        initial assessment for tax deferral on breeding stock
        drought disaster loans
        grazing on unallocated public land
        grazing/haying Ducks Unlimited acreage
        municipal roadside grazing/haying
        feed/livestock freight assistance
        emergency water hauling
        reduced rates for dugout water pumping
        grasshopper control options.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal reaction to anything that threatens our safety and well-being. If you or a member of your family need assistance managing stress, help may be only a phone call away.

Alberta Mental Health Help Line 1-877-303-2642
This toll-free help line provides confidential advice and information on mental health services 24 hours a day.

Community Mental Health Clinics
These clinics provide voluntary clinical community-based mental health services to individuals of all ages who reside in the province of Alberta. Treatment services from the various programs are provided free of charge. For more information call the community mental health clinic in your area or call the confidential help line at 1-877-303-2642.

Recognizing when and how stress is affecting you and others is an important first step to managing it.

The following articles point out some symptoms to watch for and provide suggestions on what you can do to help yourself and others.

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