Farmers' Advocate Office: Is Your Farm Implement Dealer or Distributor Licensed?

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 Part of making an informed decision when purchasing a new piece of farm equipment is checking to see if the dealer or distributor is licensed.
Farmers should be aware that if they are conducting business with an unlicensed farm implement dealer or distributor, they will not have any protection under the Farm Implement Act. All farm implement distributors and dealers operating within the province of Alberta must be licensed under the Farm Implement Act, which is administered by the FAO. This legislation provides consumers with protection on the purchase of new farm equipment.

Consumers can review the lists of licensed dealers and distributors here:
2018 List of Licensed Dealers
2018 List of Licensed Distributors

Each year licensed dealers and distributors are provided with physical licences to be displayed at their place of business.
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This information published to the web on February 19, 2008.
Last Reviewed/Revised on May 2, 2018.