What's New in Publications - Spring 2012

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 092-1 Odour Management Plan for Alberta Livestock Producers html pdf
Odour management plans help producers identify where possible odour souirces exist, and provide solutions for managing that odour. 2012. 12 pages.

FS096-9 AOPA Application Process: Where Neighbours Fit html pdf
A new or expanding confined feeding operation can affect you. Understanding the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) application process allows you to take advantages of your rights and opportunities. 2011. 4 pages.

FS096-10 AOPA Complaint Process: Where Neighbours Fit html pdf
The Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) sets manure management standards for all operations that handle manure, Understanding its complaint process allows you to take advantage of your rights and opportunities. 2011. 4 pages.

FS100/32 Varieties of Cereal and Oilseed Crops for Alberta html pdf ebook
Provides information on cereal and oilseed varieties performance within Alberta. Important agronomic characteristics are given in tabular form for varieties of wheat, oats, barley, flax, canola, triticale and rye. Revised 2012. 20 pages.

FS100/561-1 Crop Water Use and Requirements html pdf
Crop water use is the amount of water used by a crop for growth and cooling. Looks at evapotranspiration, vegetative growth, reproductive growth, and the effect of moisture stress on crops. Revised 2011. 4 pages.

FS142/32-1 Varieties of Pulse Crop for Alberta html pdf ebook
Contains performance data tables compiled under the Regional Variety Testing Program. Includes data for field pea, lentil, dry bean, chickpea and fababean. 2012. 12 pages.

FS142/561-1 Irrigation Scheduling for Dry Bean in Southern Alberta html pdf
With good irrigation management, a dry bean crop can have high yield and quality potential. Revised 2011.
4 pages.

FS171/561-1 Irrigation Scheduling for Sugar Beet in Southern Alberta html pdf
With the best irrigation management practices, a sugar beet crop can achieve high root and sugar yield potential. 2012. 4 pages.

171/821-5 The Economics of Sugar Beet Production in Alberta 2010 html pdf
Report from a study into production costs and returns for sugar beet production in Alberta in 2010. As well as focusing on sugar beet production costs and returns in 2010, this publication contains a comparison of costs and returns from 2001-20010, an overview of sugar beet production in the province between 1980-2011, and more! 2012. 38 pages.

FS440/68-1 Feeding Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) to Pigs html pdf
Ethanol production from cereal grains results in a co-product called distillers dried grains with solubles. This co-product can be used to feed pigs to reduce costs. 2011. 5 pages.

FS663-48 Anthrax –What You Need to Know html pdf
Important information about anthrax, including when and where it occurs, contact information, and signs of the disease in ruminants, horses and pigs. Revised 2012. 2 pages.

FS716 (D11) Alternatives for Iron Removal html pdf
Iron problems can be addressed several ways. Find out how! Revised 2012. 2 pages.

FS716 (D04) Chemical Analysis Interpretation of Rural Household Water Supplies html pdf
Your farm water supply should be analyzed regularly.Includes comments on particular minerals and other chemicals as they pertain to household water usuage. Revised 2012. 4 pages.

812-21 Community Supported Agriculture in Alberta html pdf ebook
Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a community of individuals or families who support a chosen farm and its family. Discusses advantages and disadvantages, delivery options, member solicitation and more. 2012 14 pages.

821-59 Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta html pdf
Details the most current information on greenhouse costs and returns for the major greenhouse crops in Alberta. 2011. 57 pages.

845-11 Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors html pdf ebook
This newly revised guide has been developed to provide emerging food processors with helpful business and marketing information essential to planning and operating a successful business Revised 2012. 62 pages.

845-15 Farmers’ Market Decision Making Tool pdf ebook
Farmers’ markets give you an opportunity to try retailing with limited capital expenses. Includes sections on marketing at a profit, promoting youe new enterprise, determining retail prices, and more! 2012. 16 pages.

845-16 Organizing Local Food Events in Alberta html pdf ebook
Find out how to best plan a local food event. Explains a variety of formats for presenting local food, discusses the challenges of sourcing the best ingredients, shares tips learned from past events, and more. 2012. 20 pages.

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