Forest Business

 Cut to length wood in lumber yardForestry Division works to enhance the economic, environmental and social contributions of our forests and forest lands to Albertans.

The forest sector is an integral part of our provincial economy. It will continue to play an important role in the diversification of Alberta's economy and in Albertans' prosperity.

The Alberta forest sector is a vital part of dozens of communities around the province, providing employment to some 15,000 people and contributing billions of dollars each year to the provincial economy.

Forest products currently produced in Alberta range from commodity lumber to market pulp, from animal bedding material to a variety of engineered wood products. Additionally, bio products such as chemicals, materials and fuels are emerging as producers diversify.

Companies in this sector also provide ecosystem services like land-use planning, reclamation and carbon sequestration. The sector serves markets ranging from domestic customers throughout Alberta and across Canada, in the United States and overseas in Europe and Asia.

Examples of focus include increased emphasis on Asia markets, as profiled in the 2014 video examining Alberta efforts to increase trade opportunities in countries such as China, Japan and South Korea: The department develops policy and regulations and participates actively in matters related to
  • forest industry development
  • forest resource allocation
  • forest product innovation
  • forest revenues and the export of forest products
Alberta Wood Products

Agriculture and Forestry has a web portal designed to put Alberta forest products manufacturers in touch with potential customers in Asia.

The portal provides information on types of forest products available from Alberta mills, explanations of tree species and grades of lumber, and contract information for individual producers. Content is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The portal contributes to Alberta's efforts to increase market access to Asia for the province's forest products companies. Over the last four years, Alberta has led more than a dozen trade missions to the region to promote increase wood use in building construction, furniture and other goods.

Content for the portal was created in co-operation with Alberta producers and two non-profit trade associations that promote wood products for Canada as a whole and for British Columbia -- CanadaWood and BCWood, respectively. Forest Industry Sustainability

The Alberta forest industry is collaborating with the Alberta Government to strengthen the long-term environmental, social and economic viability of the sector. For the latest information on the direction, mileposts and the road ahead for the forest sector visit:
Forest Tenure Roles and Responsibilities in Alberta -- Feb 2010 (5 pages, <1 MB)

Government of Alberta Response to FISC Recommendations -- Apr 2009 (32 pages, 1.6 MB)

Forest Industry Sustainability Committee (FISC) -- Recommendations for Enhancing Alberta's Business Model -- Aug 28, 2008 (45 pages, <1 MB)

FISC - Recommendations for Immediate Consideration -- Dec 31, 2007 (45 pages, 1.5 MB)
The Forest Industry Sustainability Committee was established in November 2007 at the request of the Alberta Forest Products Association to make recommendations to the Minister of the former Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to enhance industry competitiveness and improve public policy delivery.

The above documents represent the committee's recommendations, and the subsequent Government of Alberta response.

Forest Sector Economic Impact

Forestry Economic Impact Report 2012 -- May 2013 (16 pages, 2.3 MB)

For more facts and figures relating to Alberta's forest industry, visit: Also, visit the website and review the publication, Alberta Economics Quick Facts, at:
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