Financial Resources for Local Market Producers and Processors

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 Accessing financial resources and capital can often be a challenge for Alberta’s local market producers and processors (LMPP).

Challenges can include:
  • Lack of awareness of financial organizations and programs
  • Limited understanding of the organization and the resources or programs offered
  • Conventional credit policy and funding programs designed to serve primary conventional agriculture or export-driven agricultural operations may not meet the specific needs of LMPP operations (i.e.: farm direct, farmers’ markets, CSA operations, Organic, Urban agriculture, SPIN farming, etc.)
  • Limited number of programs and resources that address various unique needs of LMPP. (i.e., new or immigrant farmers, small loans, unconventional market channels or production practices)
As part of Explore Local’s (EL) goal to position producers to successfully access appropriate financing, an environmental scan of LMPP friendly resources in the areas of finance and community investment was conducted in the fall of 2014.

The information gathered in this environmental scan has been used to strategically position EL’s finance and community investment efforts and extension activities. In addition, by compiling the information in a quick reference format and providing it to both Alberta Agriculture staff as well as directly to LMPPs we hope to have increased awareness and accessibility of appropriate funding options.

This spreadsheet or PDF briefly describes a number of programs that may assist LMPP to access capital, but is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all available programs that may be of assistance but rather as a starting point to build from. Chartered banks were not included in this listing. Only the most relevant programs from organizations have been listed. Each program is categorized, has a brief description and includes eligibility, amount, special characteristics and organization contact information. The spreadsheet is sortable and users have the ability to filter the results using the dropdown menus to further refine their results.

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