Industry Economics and Competitiveness

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Bulletins and research reports in this section relate to the economic performance and competitiveness of the beef industry, contrasted with previous sections that focus on enterprise and farm level messages

Economics of Change for Beef Operations … Jan./09

An economic analysis of north and central Alberta beef operations has yielded significant insights regarding the durability of the industry over the past 10 years and opportunities for profit driven change. Key drivers supporting the “economics of change” are farm level financial strengths and potential for herd cost reductions through integrated herd and grazing systems.

Opportunities for Beef Production in Northern Alberta … Feb./04

This AgriProfit$ bulletin reviews relevant economic drivers related to beef production in Northern Alberta. It enables producers to make better decisions regarding beef production opportunities in the Alberta Peace Region

A Review of the Competitive Position of Alberta's Primary Beef Production Sector, 2001

This project report provides information on the competitive status of Alberta's beef industry relative to other global beef industry participants. This information and analysis complements the knowledge of individual producers and provide strategic insight for consideration in their short and long term planning and decision making.

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