Alberta continues fight for livestock industry in Washington

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 November 14, 2013

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Alberta’s Agriculture Minister will meet with U.S. legislators to encourage them to end the U.S. mandatory Country of Origin Labelling rules.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Verlyn Olson will meet with U.S. legislators and industry representatives Nov. 19–21 in Washington D.C. This follows his successful meetings in Chicago with American meat-packers earlier this month and International and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Cal Dallas’s constructive meetings with officials in the U.S. capital yesterday.

“Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) is an unfair regulation that Alberta and Canada oppose. American legislators are debating the Farm Bill. Through the Farm Bill, U.S. legislators can put an end to the economic harm COOL is creating throughout North America. Now is the time to push for change.”
-Verlyn Olson, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

COOL requires that meat derived from animals born, reared or slaughtered outside the U.S. must be labelled to indicate the country or countries involved. COOL has resulted in extra tracking and segregation costs for Canadian hogs and cattle exported to the U.S.

The estimated cost of the trip, including meals, accommodation and travel for Minister Olson and one staff member is $6,500.

Under the Building Alberta Plan, our government is investing in families and communities, living within our means, and opening new markets for Alberta's resources to ensure we're able to fund the services Albertans told us matter most to them. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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Itinerary for Minister Olson *

November 19 Depart for Washington, D.C.
November 20Attend meetings with U.S. legislators and industry representatives to oppose COOL.
November 21Depart Washington, D.C.
*Itinerary is subject to change

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