Changing the Page Numbers on Your Printout

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 The page numbers for each page of the ABA have been pre-entered in the footer of the page and are currently fixed values. If you are not printing all the pages such as the “Dairy” page or the second “Notes” page, the sequential numbers will make the printout look like you are missing pages. You can change the way ABA puts the page numbers on the bottom of each page. It will take a little bit of work but if you make the changes in your Master template you will only have to do it once. You must make this change to each page individually for this to work properly.
To Change the Way the Page Numbers Work, Follow These Steps:
  1. Click “Insert” on the toolbar and click “Header and Footer”. A Page Setup screen will open.
  2. Click “Custom Footer” and a new “Footer ” window will open.
  3. In the center section of this window you will see “Page &(Page) of &(27 ”. Highlight and delete this entry. The center box should now be blank.
  4. Above these boxes you should see tabs “ # “ and “ ## “.
  5. Press the “#” tab, type “of “ and press the “##” tab.
  6. Click “OK” twice and your changes will become effective.
  7. Each page will now print the corresponding number (eg. “15 of 25”) on each page.
  8. Make sure you re-save your template to your hard drive for future use.

Sometimes when you click on the Header and Footer tab, you will be taken to the header on the page instead of having the Page Setup screen open. If that happens:
      • Click on “Footer” to the far left of the menu
      • Select how you would like the page numbering to read – if as per the above, select “Page 1 of ?”.
Your page numbers will be printed automatically and will indicate the total number of pages you are printing. You must highlight all the pages in the full report that you want to print for this to work properly as Excel will count the number of pages that you have selected and that will be your total page count.

If you only want to print one page of the report and still want it to reflect that it is page “15 of 25” (for example) you must still highlight all the pages in the report but when your Print command window opens you must indicate in the “Print Range” section that you want to print from “Page 15 to Page 15” This will ensure you only print that one page but that the numbering is consistent with the rest of your printout.

You may want to make this change on the template you are working from if you are using the same pages from ABA consistently. If your page selection changes in a certain case, you can modify the above for that particular analysis.
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This information published to the web on June 8, 2015.
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