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Decision Making Tools
AgriProfit$ AgriProfit$ is a business analysis and research program operated by ARD's Economic and Competitiveness Division to deliver sound business management benchmarks and information.
CropChoice$ Computer SoftwareCropChoice$ program helps crop producers predict revenues and margins for their crop enterprise, as well as the likelihood of achieving those levels.
AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives Provides forecasted budget reports by soil zone and crop to help producers estimate their productive and financial performance for the upcoming growing season.
Crops Returns Calculator An excel spreadsheet template that calculates production costs, break-even selling prices and expected financial returns for grain farms.
Alberta Farm Input PricesMonthly survey of prices of farm inputs including presentation of survey results in graphical and tabular formats over a five year period.
ABA Simple Farm Ratio AnalyzerThe ABA Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer helps farm manager get a quick check of their farm's financial health.
Agricultural Business AnalyzerThe Agricultural Business Analyzer (ABA) is a financial analysis tool designed to aid users to do reivew up to 5 years of historical financial data and prepare and analyze a financial plan for the upcoming year.
Farm Machinery Cost CalculatorThis tool allows you to calculate ownership and operating costs of common farm equipment.
Vehicle Cost Calculator This calculator allows you to estimate and compare the ownership and operating costs for a vehicle. Costs can be calculated for both business and non-business vehicles.
Cash Flow Analyzer The Cash Flow Analyzer is a one page Cash Flow Budgeting tool. It is a tool to project future flows of Cash into, and out of, a business operation.

Finding Common GroundThis book gives you all the basic information you need to negotiate a win-win agreement. It explains the three-step negotiation process, interest-based negotiations, techniques for reaching agreements, and negotiations in business vs. community organizations. It will help you negotiate with a lender, boss, employee, landlord, community organization or family member. You'll also learn how to treat your opponent with respect while taking care of your own needs. A sample agreement and several worksheets are added features. 53 pages.
Negotiating Cow Lease ArrangementsLeasing cows can be viable alternative to debt financing when you are starting or expanding a beef cow herd. This publication discusses four kinds of leasing options that ranchers may consider when they are preparing an equitable, long term lease. The book also has sample lease and work sheet to help you. 26 pages.
Leasing Cropland in AlbertaWhether you are a landlord with cropland to lease or a farmer looking to expand your operation without the large capital investment associated with purchasing land, the fifth edition of Leasing Cropland in Alberta is worth reading. This updated book looks at many aspects of leasing and serves as a guide for setting up a lease that is suitable to both the landlord and the tenant. Included in this 50 page book is a sample lease agreement.
Tax Management Strategies for Alberta - 2nd EditionThis newly revised 67-page publication has tax management strategies to help farmers save or defer tax in their farming operations. After all, the bottom line means more than just getting to zero on the tax form. By managing tax strategies, farmers can maximize their income after tax, not just minimize their tax obligations.

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