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 You are invited, as a member of Alberta’s small poultry flock community, to participate in a survey and provide information that will help to develop educational tools for Alberta’s small flock owners. The survey will be open until the end of April 2015.
Do you have a small poultry flock?

Help government researchers understand how you care for your flock and how Albertans are keeping their small flocks healthy. Take this confidential survey at, and your answers will help develop educational tools for Alberta's small flock owners. This survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.
Background on the project:
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) is working to build our understanding of current biosecurity practices, identify the greatest disease risks, and develop tools to improve biosecurity and control disease in Alberta’s backyard poultry community. The project is funded jointly by the provincial and federal governments through Growing Forward 2.

The first phase of the project (December 2013 to spring 2014), included a series of focus group discussions with key stakeholders in the backyard poultry community. Participants included representatives from hatcheries, producer groups, industry associations, auction marts, processors and supply companies. The goal of the meetings was to discuss the demographics, attitudes and challenges of small flock (backyard) poultry owners and producers, particularly around biosecurity.

The information from these focus groups was used to formulate the Alberta-wide survey (above) about disease control/biosecurity practices in the backyard chicken community – phase 2 of the project. The survey results will be used to help inform what types of educational materials will be most useful to the backyard poultry flock community, as well as what kind of information the materials/tools should include. This second phase of the project will conclude in March 2016.
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