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Sustainable Procurement in the Food Industry

The factsheet, Sustainable Procurement in the Food Industry: an introduction (Agdex 821-69) is now available through Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

This fact sheet follows an earlier workshop held for the agriculture and food processors on sustainable procurement.

“The importance of sustainable procurement is growing and evolving into an integral business function in the food industry”, says Margurite Thiessen, Value Chain Specialist with Alberta Agriculture.

Alberta residents can order hard copies of the free publication at no charge for individual use (non-classroom) by using the on-line order form or calling 780-427-0391 or faxing 780-422-8835.

On-line you can locate and download the fact sheet at Sustainable Procurement in the Agri-business section.

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This information published to the web on December 22, 2010.
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